The phase one of the projects has been very successful. All quota had been fully subscribed.
Thank you for the support.
We will continually develop the project and drive it to success.

Agarwood planting in big scale, together with our business partners is the core of this project.
Highly valued and scarcity of this resources - OUD is our final goal.

The MOPP is, at the core of it all, a green business that gives back to the environment and society.
  • Environmental causes such as planting natural forest species to boost the declining state of our natural ecosystem

  • Societal development such as financial support to develop rural areas where many villages require more schools and improved education facilities

It is our duty give back to the environment and society wherever possible, and we are determined to play our part.

By giving back to the environment and society, and with the support of the best available skilled professionals in our team, we have absolute confidence that we will achieve great things for the company.