MOPP Project

Ecological Agriculture: An Emerging Major Industry
This programme is managed by Malaysian-based OUD Plantation Technology Sdn Bhd. The company owns the rights of usage for 500 acres (202 hectares) of agricultural land dedicated to growing and harvesting Agarwood trees. The land will be allocated to participants and the plantation process subcontracted to professionals for supervision and management. This ensures efficient handling and care of the trees so that programme participants get their returns within the projected time-frame, without unnecessary hassle or stress.
It is also important to note that Agarwood trees, being natural forest trees, are extremely beneficial for protecting our natural ecosystems. This increases its viability and sustainability as a business model, both from a financial and environmental perspective ﹘ making MOPP a green business programme.
With MOPP, EVERYONE can be plantation owner - Get on the fast track to becoming a successful plantation owner without having to own agriculture land.
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