Meet the Team

Liang See Nam

Major shareholder, Managing Director and Co-founder of OPTSB and MOPP

The original pioneer in spearheading Direct Sales in Malaysia, Mr Liang mobilized direct sales teams to cover the whole Malaysia ﹘ from the Peninsular to East Malaysia ﹘ even travelling as far as the villages deep in Indonesia. A natural entrepreneur, he achieved multiple awe-inspiring milestones in his businesses with his creative instincts and courage in daring to dream. This is clearly evidenced by his incredible success of making his first million during his early 20s.

He was an active investor in properties for over a decade. With his natural knack for predicting upcoming market trends, he anticipated the inevitable burst to the property bubble. Hedging his bets, he decided to start researching the plantation market in 2012, knowing that it was just a matter of time before plantations emerge as a leading industry in parallel with the IT industry. After years of research and analyses, he discovered the answer in Agarwood.


Technical Consultant from FRIM

Born in Alor Setar, Kedah and currently, working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr Lok Eng Hai is a Senior Research Officer at the Forest Plantation Program, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong, 52109 Selangor. Prior to his appointment, he was a forest conservator officer at the Pahang Forest Department, Pahang, Malaysia and has over 20 years of experienced in forestry practices. He obtained his PhD in Silviculture and Plant Nutrition from Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia; MSc in Plant Science, and BSc in Forestry from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)(formerly Agriculture University of Malaysia). His specializations are silviculture, plant nutrition, plant microbes and targeted forest tree species for sustainable forest plantation management. He also provides courses, training and consultancy for land property development and Aquilaria plantation establishment, both at locals and overseas. He is a project leader in projects related to silviculture and planting techniques, agarwood inducement and development, germplasm establishment trials for Aquilaria in Malaysia and other forestry practices. He alsoholdskey roles as technical committee member in international conferences, and seminars, invited speaker and co-supervisor to local university students.

Haji Osman bin Idris

Shareholder of OPTSB

Being a seasoned expert in the Agarwood industry, Haji Osman brings a wealth of experience with invaluable knowledge and technical expertise to the OPTSB management team. His involvement in the industry started at an early age, where he worked closely with Agarwood traders and dealt with people from all levels in the industry.

Following 25 years of hands-on experience managing Agarwood plantations and 20 years in factory operations, Haji Osman has developed extensive know-how and skills in all matters

related to Agarwood production ﹘ from identifying and selecting quality species, planting procedures, to efficient production and processing techniques.

Being an owner of a successful trading company focused on production of Agarwood wood pieces,Agarwood oil processing and marketing, Haji Osman also owns a few agarwood oil processing factory in Thailand & Cambodia. He has developed a major client base with customers from the Arab World, Pakistan, India, Dubai, Iraq and prominent Middle East countries.