Ecological Agriculture

Ecological Agriculture: An Emerging Major Industry
The constantly shifting market landscape continues to pave the way for emerging major industries, specifically those related to technology and environmental conservation. While the current billion-dollar businesses such as oil and gas, retail, automotive and electric utility (to name a few) will continue to dominate for the foreseeable future, financial analysts predict that the following emerging industries will soon enter the same league of top-ranking global businesses:
  • Cloud data processing
  • Mobile networks
  • Internet banking
  • Health & environmental protection
  • Ecological agriculture
With environmental issues a constant hot topic amongst world leaders, we are seeing a plethora of new technologies and companies providing revolutionary products and services to meet the growing demand for green solutions. In the midst of this shift in focus towards ecological businesses, the global market for agarwood plantations continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.
Agarwood trees, being natural forest trees, are extremely beneficial for protecting our natural ecosystems. This increases its viability and sustainability as a business model, both from a financial and environmental perspective.