About Us

OUD Plantation Technology Sdn Bhd (otherwise known as OPTSB) was incorporated in August 2014 as a special entity to manage the implementation and operations of the Mega OUD Plantation Programme (MOPP). OPTSB is also been granted the right of agriculture land usage as much as 500 acres (202 hectares) of lands located in Malaysia.

Over the last 3 years, we have carried out meticulous research, analyses and diligently fine-tuned our plans for MOPP. Our efforts include visiting native countries of the Agarwood species and factories processing the oil and products, studying the latest plantation technologies, and meeting key consumers in Dubai, Middle East and China. We’ve spent the last few years identifying and recruiting potential business partners and collaborators to put together an all-rounded team for this project.

With our highly skilled and experienced partners and team members, we have the professional and technological know-how to manage all aspects of the project operations in-house ﹘ from A to Z. This allows us to generate maximum output at minimum cost.