The Company

‘Our corporate culture is firmly rooted in a genuine desire to make a positive difference through business.’ - Liang See Nam (Managing Director)

OUD Plantation Technology Sdn Bhd (otherwise known as OPTSB) was incorporated in August 2014 as a special entity to manage the implementation and operations of the Mega OUD Plantation Programme (MOPP). OPTSB is also been granted the right of agriculture land usage as much as 500 acres (202 hectares) of lands located in Malaysia.

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We strive to be the leading Agarwood producers in the industry, and the biggest of its kind in Malaysia and worldwide.



The MOPP is, at the core of it all, a green business that gives back to the environment and society.
AGARWOOD / OUD / GAHARU, is the highly valued crop that chosen for the plantation project
  • Environmental causes such as planting natural forest species to boost the declining state of our natural ecosystem

  • Societal development such as financial support to develop rural areas where many villages require more schools and improved education facilities

It is our duty give back to the environment and society wherever possible, and we are determined to play our part.



We are working on multi-cropping on site, fruit planting with difference harvesting period is in progress. SUSTAINABLE, and LOW-RISK are always the priority in our management consideration.

Corporate Chairman:



Untapped Potential for International Trading

Malaysia, being one of the native countries for natural cultivation of Agarwood trees, remains an underdeveloped trading centre for Agarwood products. The untapped potential of Malaysia as an internationalAgarwood trading hub provides us with a valuable opportunity to further develop and commercialise this lucrative industry to the same level as the palm oil industry.

It is our goal at OPTSB to elevate the quality of Agarwood plantations in Malaysia to international standards for us to compete globally, establishing our nation as a major industry player.

A Green Business that Gives Back to the Environment and Society
With our carefully designed MOPP programme, we are here to provide easy access for interested individuals to generate sustainable and significant profits from the plantation industry. In addition to benefitting programme participants, we are also committed to channelling profits towards environmental causes as well as development of rural areas.

Win-Win Situation for All
It’s a win-win situation for the nation, our company, programme participants, the environment and society. With MOPP, everyone benefits from a greener future, in more ways than one.